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Age Freeze Management
Scalp Care Treatment 

The objective of Follizin age freeze management is to “freeze” and reduce aging of the scalp skin, ensuring the epidermal layer remain in its prime youthful condition, slow down sagging and maintaining a young youthful scalp.

Duration : 105 minutes 

Price : $220

What is Age Freeze Management ? 

The secret to Age Freeze Management lies in regular in salon scalp care treatments, and effective scalp care products for daily use.

Anti aging experts revealed that in order to prevent the sagging of the skin and the forming of wrinkles on our faces, it is necessary to have regular and frequent scalp rejuvenating treatment to slow down the aging of the scalp skin.

Researches done by many scientists revealed that the skin on our scalp ages almost 20 times faster than the skin on our face. This is mostly due to chemical treatments such as hair dyes, permanent waves, straighteners, relaxers, as well as the use of strong surfactants and preservatives such as SLES and Parabens on the scalp skin. Additional one of the key factors in skincare, such as moisturizing, is usually lacking in scalp care as most conditional are not suitable to be applied on the scalp.

An accumulation of these factors can lead to premature aging of the scalp skin, and solely focusing on facial treatments and facial care products to prevent and treat sagging and gravitational wrinkle will not be sufficiently effective.

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How does intensive follicle energizer work?

  • Better blood circulation to follicles

  • Normalize sebaceous glands

  • Reduces Demodex Folliculorum

  • Stimulate the production of type 1 and type 3 Collagen (Two essential collagen for skin firming)

  • Directly stimulate Anagenic (Growth) Phase

  • Directly suppresses Catagenic and Telogenic (Transition & Rest) Phase

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Clinically Proven Results


Reduction in hair loss experienced by all the men and women in the clinical trial after 8 weeks.


Increase in hair thickness after

12 weeks


Increase in hair regrowth rate after 12 weeks

Special Features

Natural Enzymes
Exfoliates, softens and breaks down scalp debris and sebum build up. Promotes better moisture retention and blood circulation.

Apricot Fruit Seed
Tightens skin, unclog pores, reduce wrinkles and helps to remove dull dead skin cells.

Jasmine Flower
Contains natural antiseptic properties and improves blood circulation.

Hydralok Technology
Breakthrough moisture retention technology.

Scalp Hydrolipid Balancing Technology
Uses natural plants, fruits, and flowers extracts to activate cells and strengthen scalp skin.

Scalp regenerating Complex
Improves cell anchoring of the follicle, thus lengthening the Anagen (growth) phase.

Intensive Scalp Detox Technology
Uses Activated Bamboo Charcoal and Tamarind Extract to detoxify, moisturize and tighten scalp skin.

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