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Popular Haircuts for Women in 2022

Updated: May 18, 2022

Are you a woman who is tired of her existing style and wants a new fashionable haircut to spice things up this year? Maybe you're a hairstylist in 2022 looking for powerful ‘hairspiration’ for your clients' makeovers. If that's the case, you've come to the correct blog! We've compiled a list of the top 10 most popular hairstyles for 2022. Take a look at them!

1. The tousled lob

A lob haircut is ideal if you desire the glamorous edge that a crop may provide while yet having the versatility of longer locks. Most importantly, this hairstyle is very low maintenance. The type that you can wash, air-dry and wear immediately without the need for much fuss and styling daily.

2. Shag haircut with curtain bangs

Bangs will be in style in 2022, so a shag with curtain bangs could be one of the best haircuts to try right away. Don't want to be remorseful? Make a final decision after trying the clip-in bangs.

3. Natural waves with curtain bangs

This is one of the most interesting and popular hairstyles for ladies of all ages. Face-framing bangs draw attention to your cheekbones and lengthen your face. This bold style is enhanced with shoulder-length layered loose beach waves.

4. Asymmetrical bob

This season, this delightfully trendy and sassy hairstyle for women is everywhere! The rear of this flashy hairdo is short, with extended front portions that taper at the ends. One of 2022's most popular haircuts, this haircut is making a comeback from back when Rihanna made it a trend in her ‘Umbrella’ music video.

5. Medium haircut with shaggy layers

To match the enticing raven or rich chocolate colour, the magnificent dark Asian mane requires a haircut that is just as adventurous and bold. Layers that look natural will keep it light and airy. Create huge waves with a curling iron for a glam hairstyle that will last at least a few days.

6. Straight blunt cuts with long curtain bangs

Women's haircuts with such a basic design are the most elegant. Maintain a smooth and straight appearance. This blunt cut reflects light well, making your hair look especially shiny, and has a silky feel to it. If you want to grow your bangs out, this is one of the greatest haircuts to try!

7. Chest-length wavy haircut

Long hair is frequently thought of as smooth and straight, but a textured haircut for women with a thick fringe might give your length a new lease on life. If you aren’t blessed with natural waves, it’s time to invest in a curling iron or even a digital perm!

8. Pixie bob

This year's trend is really short cuts, but if you still need some length on top, getting the pixie bob cut is the way to go. It's a happy medium between trendy bobs and seductive pixies.

9. 90s layers

Long 90s layers are also expected to make a major comeback this year. A layered haircut is wonderful for adding volume, movement, and form to your hair, as well as framing the face, so if your current style could use a little of all of that, add layers that suit your hair type and texture to your look.

10. Long, sleek, straight hair

Make 2022 the year you try out the dramatic straight hairdo you've always wanted to attempt keeping your hair long and sleek – think Cher’s hairstyle in the 1970s. Be sure to complement this haircut with regular salon treatments to maintain the shine!


Despite all the new ‘hairspiration’ that you may come across on social media and on popular websites, there are still plenty of aspects to consider when choosing a new hairstyle, such as your natural hair texture, oiliness, dryness, lifestyle, and more.

Get in touch with us to speak to our professional hairstylists and better still, get 20% off your next haircut if you are a new customer. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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