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Haircuts perfect for hot summer days

You might be tempted to give your hair a seasonal cut when the temperature rises. However, choosing a summer haircut for oneself can be challenging. If you're unsure about whether to go big and chop it all off or maintain your hair long and beautiful with a few layers added, you're not alone. If this describes you, don't worry; we've got a list of women's summer haircuts you'll want to try. See our list right here:

1. The asymmetric bob

Whether it's a bob or lob, an asymmetric cut offers a mysterious, seductive, and stylish appeal. This fashion has such a timeless appearance. Direct hair cutting on the shoulders creates an incredibly soft appearance and frames the jawline, allowing you to highlight your best feature. By lifting that burden off your shoulders, you also draw attention to the structure of your face and neck, which will now be clearly visible as long as you're fully vaccinated.

2. Soft layers

Layering the front of your hair is a terrific method to frame the face and create structure, whether your hair is short, long, thick, thin, curly, or straight.

3. Wavy pixie cut

A pixie cut offers a spunky, light, and youthful appearance. This already seductive cut gains a whole new level by adding texture.

4. Hourglass haircut

The layers that give the hourglass cut its body, definition, and shape conjure images of carefree flair. Due to its resistance to humidity, this style is suitable for the summer. The hair doesn't become overly frizzy or out of control because the flipped-out curls hold up well in the heat.

5. Mid-part bob

For a timeless yet contemporary style, try a middle part bob. For a more voluminous look, ask your stylist to apply texture or a little layer to the ends.

6. Curly layers

If you have natural curls, why not rock them as we re-enter society? During the quarantine, more people embraced their natural hair. Wearing your natural texture is not only a popular fashion, but it also promotes healthier hair, which is timeless. For a face-framing appearance with form, add layers to your curls.

7. Pixie with soft bangs

A pixie with bangs is the ideal style to obtain a face-framing short 'do if you want to go short but not too short. Amazing and dramatic, bangs with a pixie will add flair.

8. The lob

If you don't want to go all out with a short haircut but still want to go with a shorter cut than you're used to, a long bob, often known as a "lob" cut, is the ideal length for the summer. Bobs, whether they are lobs or bobs, have such a timeless appearance.

9. Curly bangs

Bangs have always been popular, but now is the perfect opportunity to go all out (especially because we've already "gone and stayed home" for the past two years). Go for the bangs this summer, especially if you're rocking curls. Textured bangs give the face some framing and create a voluminous, chic appearance.

10. The shag

Layers that are ragged and shaggy will give you a rock and roll vibe that will go great with every party outfit this summer. We advise bringing a picture to your hairstylist for a customised cut like this. The stylist can then determine whether this particular style complements your face shape and can alter the style to best fit you.


Whatever haircut you’re aspiring to get this season (it’s summer all year round in Singapore!), we’re here to help! Just get in touch with us to book an appointment with our hairdresser. We will give you the best haircut consultation you need based on your unique features, lifestyle and hair type!

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