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Differences between colouring your hair at home and at a salon

It is no secret that we have many options today for expressing ourselves through our outward appearances. Changing the colour of our hair is one of the most popular and easiest methods to accomplish this. These days, you can find just about any colour imaginable offered in Singapore's leading hair salons, as well as neighbourhood pharmacies.

It can be challenging to resist the appeal of a quick and inexpensive DIY hair colour in a box, whether due to time restrictions or a limiting budget. However, is there really a difference between the results achieved from at-home and salon hair colouring? Read on to find out.

Quality of colouring

The brief answer to the above question is ‘yes’.

To begin with, salon-quality hair colours are better than those delivered by DIY at-home hair colours. This is because DIY hair colours frequently omit the protective compounds used in a salon setting and instead contain harsher, more concentrated chemicals in order to achieve similar results.

Due to this, DIY hair colourant is more likely to result in damage, breakage, or hair loss than professional hair colouring. This is due to both the poor quality of the dye and the person's own inexperience in dying their own hair, compared to the expertise of a professional hair colourist.

Experience and expertise

Despite the seeming simplicity of utilising a DIY hair colour, a salon professional does much more than simply dying your hair. Your colourist does an initial assessment before beginning any hair colouring services. At this point, they are looking for a variety of health indicators in your hair, including elasticity, moisture, and dermal sensitivity.

Your hair colourist will let you know in advance if your hair is not strong enough to support hair colour. The danger of extensive damage and hair loss is significantly decreased by this step alone. After discussing your desired results, they will reference a colour wheel and blend a colour based on your current hue. All of these elements will significantly influence how your hair turns out in the end.

Lack of personal touches

DIY hair colours has a ‘one size fits all’ concept that does not take into consideration your specific hair type and needs. The same chemicals used to dye healthy hair are also used to dye dry, damaged hair. Even though a brunette and a redhead may select the same box dye, they are often misled into thinking that their outcomes would be the same.

The results are seldom exactly what you would expect despite the colour guidance. The shade may be utterly unexpected or brassier than imagined. This is particularly true when making a significant colour alteration at home because many box dyes are only meant to lighten or darken the hair by two or three shades and not more. It often requires a salon professional to fix these hair colour mishaps once done.


It is simple to overlook the fact that at-home dye kits can be harmful when used by non-professionals in addition to these unpleasant outcomes. These chemicals are better off being handled and applied carefully by specialists in a properly furnished salon setting, away from allergic reactions, burns, stains, and severe irritation. If you need more information on what colours are available and which colour scheme suits you, get in touch with us for an appointment!

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Jul 11, 2023

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